Wednesday, October 29, 2008

huhu...aku ttpu ttpu tefendi...hik3...

do y'all knw?today i've been fooled...but not that harsh...juz kidding from my friends..
i thought that they invited me to form a stdy group 2gether...
i juz donno that they wanted to went out for outing...
i was wit my slumber face came to the bus stop at the jaga place...
i was talking to myself that,if they want to stdy...but why were they at the bus stop...
then i saw the girls brought smoe bags and i saw the guys wit smart cloths as well..
i wondered...what were they doing could they loughed at me..
they thought i've already know bout outing today in the moning...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hari ini dalam sejarah

huhu...lmbtnye la nk blk..korang xnk blk ke?ape la...xctd la ckit..hehehe..
cuti lme la lps ni...ssh tol nk dpt y'all that is easy??i dont think so...hehehe...
ssh siot..klu org pndi leh la..aku x bpe nk pndai..nk blaja pn x bpe nk tgkp..
huhu...could smbdy help me out??i juz dono wat 2 do...
i think that i'll try work harder..n smarter..don stay up at nite 2 late..bad 4 health..
huhu...but i stil nervous 2 face de final exam 1st week in this nov..wat should i do 2 sprint up in oder 2 catch up the silibus??..huhu...smbdy save me..put yur warm hands

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

betrayal??...sounds great...hehehe..

as for me,if i had to choose one of them..i`ll not choose any..bcoz i love them all..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

nk raye da woi!!!!


Ku Mengharapkan Ramadhan
Kali Ini Penuh Makna
Agar dapat Kulalui
Dengan Sempurna

Selangkah Demi Selangkah
Setahun Sudah Pun Berlalu
Masa Yang Pantas Berlalu
Hingga Tak Terasa Ku Berada
Di Bulan Ramadhan Semula

Puasa Satu Amalan
Sebagaimana Yang Diperintah Nya
Moga Dapat Ku Lenturkan
Nafsu Yang Selalu Membelenggu Diri
Tiada Henti-Henti

Tak Ingin Ku Biarkan Ramadhan Berlalu Saja
Tuhan Pimpinlah Daku Yang Lemah
Segalanya Dengan Sabar

Kita Memohon Pada Tuhan Diberikan
Ku Merayu Pada Tuhan Diterima Amalan

Selangkah Demi Selangkah...Dengan
RahmatMu Oh Tuhanku...Ku Tempuh Jua

i hate u?

do u all knw y i hate presntn not so much..but i stil hate it?.. is bcoz i feel wanna go 2 de stomach is pulling around..i couldn`t stand it..n my hand is getting cold..

i hate it..n wat i don`t get is after i`ve fnshed my presentation..i feel better not juz like b4..hehehe..but i`ve to do it..dat`s an asgmnt..if i don`t get used to it..i`ll be left it true,isn`t it?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Friend??what is friend??

As for me..friend is someone whom can understand me better n can trust me..
can share problems..helping each other..n most important is can make me a better person in this world..

besides that..friends for me should be pious,responsible,respect other`s right, and cheerful as well as sense of humor..

Monday, August 4, 2008

dugaan time g jomheboh

huhu..aku bru lps hlg nset..aku x tau cmner leh hlg..
since i was in de bus..i did not let my hnset out of me..
till de tragedic incident happen..
i hardly surprised..
huhu..i could`nt accept de fact dat i`ve lost my hnset..
could u imagine how is my life without my beloved hnset?..
i was totally lost my mind at dat time..
huhu..then i get up n tried to thnk +vely dat there is must be a reason for dis incdnt..
i knw some of u do not care bout lossing a hanset,but not 4 me..i do care bcoz dis is 4 de 1st time i felt dis way..